Princes of Pot

I'm diggin' on the fine sounds of the Tall Brothers these days. Tom Small has written and recorded a bunch of tunes in support of legalizing medicinal marijuana (and other types of use too) on a CD that can only be described as "political swing", although beware that that description is my own invention. With Bill Small singing lead, and Tommy playing bass and singing backup, not to mention the fine work of the supporting cast, the songs flow like melted butter. And you know what kind of butter I'm talking about! Check them out at this myspace page or that myspace page. Great tunes boys!

Finding Dyad on MySpace

Got back from Vancouver last week; while I was there saw Dan Small (one-take Dan), and we recorded a couple of things. He told me Shiho (the violinist from Green Achers) just had a baby! So I'm tracking her down to see what's up. I found her band's page on MySpace, and their home page www.dyadband.ca. They are great! Kori and Shiho (I don't know Leah, but she's great too) had something good going on right from the start, and I guess they are making waves at folk festivals. Cool!

Nice to see ya'

Hey folks, it's time to get some content up and running. It's been a mere ten years since the last time I maintained a personal page (yikes), and I wish I could say it's easier now than it was then. If anything, the bar has been raised, and it's no longer enough to just throw up some html. Luckily there are tools out there to help.